Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Onward, Christmas!

While some may "fall softly into winter," my daughter is charging in with screaming pink! I thought you'd like a preview of her decorations, which I'll show more of when I visit her at Christmas. She's all about vintage, like this white tree with pink lighting and vintage thrifted ornaments.

I'm not putting up my forest of trees this year because I'll be gone and they're a lot of work, but I did hang my newly finished tree quilt above the mantel.

I cried for two days when I thought the bin holding these hand-knitted stockings was accidentally thrown out. Then I found it high up in a dark back corner of the garage. I was so relieved because my aunt knitted mine when I was little and my mother knitted Julia's for her first Christmas. They've been a tradition all of our lives, and I just couldn't face this year of all years without them. Julia and I always stuff each other's stockings to overflowing.

The other theme in my decorating
is, of course, bunnies.
Bunnies here ...

 ... bunnies there ...

... everywhere a bun, bun!

In the kitchen, cheery red
and crisp white are the colors.

A lot of baking has been going on in there the last few weeks. Yesterday I made Kahlua balls, a variation of my mother's traditional rum balls. Next up, cookies!

Have a colorful day

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Giving thanks

Instead of starting with food for the Thanksgiving post, I'm starting with what I am most thankful for this year, even though they weren't with me in person. 

My daughter, who is vegan for moral reasons, visited a farm animal sanctuary in Spokane over the holiday where she snuggled chickens and turkeys and pet the pigs, cows, goats, rabbits and other peaceful creatures who are now living a safe life at the sanctuary. 

My son, who had a vegan Thanksgiving with his wife and in-laws in Illinois, reportedly snuggled their little dog for most of the day. 

My parents, below, celebrated at home in California with my brother.  My sisters were in Minneapolis and Port Townsend. Thanks to smart phone cameras and messaging, I felt connected to them all across the miles.

I started the day alone with a brisk walk in the neighborhood. This is the first time in 21 years that I haven't hosted Thanksgiving as a team with my husband for a crowd of friends and family, but thanks to my friend Carol I wasn't alone for long.

Carol graciously invited me to celebrate at her home with her husband, Steve, and a college friend of Carol's who drove up from Oregon. I felt so thankful that I was included. 

Carol eyes the pies.
I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday.

Have a colorful day

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Sew Day color

I hosted Sew Day on Sunday, always a colorful event. Let's start with breakfast. We gave up on serving full breakfasts, so now it's just a little something like pastry and fruit. I found an almond kringle at Trader Joe's and grabbed it because they go quickly and I adore anything with almond paste. It was delicious.

Then Linda J. unfurled her show and tell, a bed-size quilt top for her granddaughter who just got married. Fabulous, and so many points to match!

Not part of show and tell, but I spotted a woman wearing this sweatshirt at Starbucks last week and asked to take a photo:

Then we got down to work. This cute little tree wool appliqué was Linda P.'s project:

Carolynn worked on a poinsettia wool applique:

Linda J. had a wool applique flowered table mat:

Nancy worked on a sashiko octopus!

And I started quilting the baby quilt for my friend's granddaughter:

Then we had lunch, which was white chicken chili with veggies, more fruit and chocolate mocha cookies.

 And I'm leaving you an invaluable piece of dietary advice:

 Have a colorful day

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Port Gamble General Store -- a real prize!

Vignette outside the General Store
-- definitely a happy place.

I had a delightful day in a delightful historic town yesterday when I went to Port Gamble with a friend to shop, eat and pick up a gift basket that I won!

A couple of weeks ago, I happened to wander into the Port Gamble General Store when they were having a Christmas open house. They were passing out door prize tickets, so I filled one out and deposited it and didn't give it a second thought.

THEN I got a call from one of the new owners, Juan, this week that I had won a gift basket full of goodies from the store! So I hustled back and was presented it by Greg and had a nice chat with him about Port Gamble, the store and the shell museum on the store's second floor.

The basket was crammed with all sorts of wonderful products from the store, from a heavenly smelling lotion bar to candles, chocolate, Christmas decorations, fun socks, journals and much more.

I love the "Resting Snack Face" bag!

The free shell museum features one of the largest displays of shells in the world and is truly amazing (and colorful). It started as a high school biology project and has continued to grow over the past 40 years with a collection representing 40 different countries (according to a google reference). The Sea and Shore Museum is its official name and it is a non-profit organization.

Equally amazing are the cakes at the Butcher and Baker restaurant in town. Decisions, decisions -- and the towering coconut cake won.

The giant cookies were also tempting. 

Thus fortified, we toddled into the Quilted Strait, where my mission was to buy some bright fabric to supplement my stash so I can make a baby quilt for a niece's third daughter.

Quilt on display at the Quilted Strait.
The main colors in the baby's room are purple and green, and I found the perfect fabric! I've also read that circles make people happy (I already knew that), so I hope these dots will make the baby smile. 

This big splashy flower print is my focus fabric, and I'll alternate it with bright pieced blocks, either in a basket or star design. 

The prints below were already in my stash, but one can never have too many happy colors.

There were even happy circles outside the quilt shop, with these soft pink berries.

After washing the fabric, I gathered these loose threads for a photo. It's going to be a happy quilt!

Have a colorful day