Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Sale at my Etsy shop!!!

She's jumping for joy because there's a 15% off everything CYBERSALE 2020 going on at !!! 

She's the naked-except-for-jewelry, bold and glitzy lady on my art quilt, "Too Much Fun!", which I just listed in the shop. She's been on exhibit in lots of venues, including the International Quilt Festival, and now she's ready to go to a new home to make someone else smile. 

On a tamer note, I also just made and listed four more gift bags, which started out as tarot deck bags but more people are buying them to use to hold treasures and gifts. The two holly berry bags and snowflake bag would be nice for Christmas giving, and the seashell bag would be fun to hold seashells or maybe a shell necklace. A lot of other bags are also in the shop.

And I made two reversible table runners from that really cute winter bird fabric. (I showed a bag from that fabric earlier, and it sold to a bird-loving friend.)

There are sayings such as, "The quiet of Winter is interrupted by the joyous chirping of anticipated Spring," and "Tis the finest of concertos when all the birds of the wood are singing as one!"

The back is a coordinating winter berry and pinecone print, and I also used that print to finish the short ends with prairie points. Prairie points are squares folded twice into triangles that are used on a lot of traditional quilts.

I'm so grateful to all of you who have supported my shop. Here's a closing thought and last night's sunset:

Have a colorful day

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Shop, sell, sew, sunset

I spent more money yesterday at the Talavera pottery store, the Happy Saguaro. I took some of my Etsy earnings and bought colorful bathroom accessories!

The tray holds some of my earrings ...

... the soap dish perks me up in the morning ...

... and this hand soap dispenser is for the
guest bathroom.

I could afford them thanks to people like Chris, who bought my table runner and draped it over her bed to spice up the bedroom.

Today I made another little tarot/gift bag to put in the shop. It's a beautiful winter bird fabric with a silk ribbon drawstring that I painted to coordinate. My shop is:

And I'm working on two table runners from the same bird fabric to list in my shop.

Nature continues to color my days, with this spectacular sunset viewed from my front courtyard yesterday.

Have a colorful day

Friday, November 13, 2020

Etsy is taking off!

I've made 10 sales so far on my Etsy shop and I want to thank all of my friends who have supported my art! So far all the sales are to people I know, so thank you, thank you, thank you!

My shop is Here are just a few of the quilts that I'm selling. I plan to list more every few days.

The cheerful one above was snapped up by Dawn for $40 almost as soon as I posted a picture of it on Facebook. I'm trying to get used to promoting my shop on social media, even though it makes me feel mercenary. So far it's the only way I've made sales.

"Letting Go," above and below, hasn't been spoken for yet. I made it during a period when I was experimenting with stamping combined with beading. It's small, only 13 inches square. It could symbolize letting go of a loved one or a stage of life or even just a bad habit. It's mounted on mat board so it can just lean on a shelf or go into a frame. Also $40.

I'm starting with my smaller pieces, figuring they're more affordable and will sell easier. 

I haven't listed this next one, "Two Much Fun," but I will soon. My inclination is to put a higher price on it because it was exhibited in the International Quilt Festival in Houston and part of it was used in the show catalog, but I don't know if that really makes it worth any more.

This lushly layered painted one, called "Gateways on the Journey," is also almost ready to list. It's one of my favorite little quilts, but I think I'm ready to let it go.

In other news,  I hiked into the Catalina Mountains last week and this is part of the trail. I have a feeling those mountains are going to work their way into my quilts soon ...

... along with the fiery sunsets.

Have a colorful day

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Beth's wedding quilt

I just made a little commissioned quilt (10" x 13") for a friend to give to her son and daughter in law for their wedding. It's full of symbolism special to them -- the mountains where they love to ski, the desert where they married, petroglyph figures because they love anything Native American, and two feathers joined up in the sky to symbolize their union and because they sky dived to their wedding!

I painted the whole thing with transparent Setacolor fabric paints, except that I used Lumiere metallic pearlescent for the mountains and snow. I thought I'd show you how I did that.

I started by cutting a mountain shape out of a compressed sponge, which you can get at craft stores. The photo above shows how skinny it is.

After you cut out your shape,  you wet it and it puffs up and can be used like a stamp. I patted it in the Lumiere paint ...

... and pressed it onto the fabric. I stamped it repeatedly for the effect of overlapping peaks.

Silver beads spiral out from the moon:

Here you can see some of the stamped figures:

And speaking of the desert, today I got an annual state parks pass and hiked in Catalina State Park, near where the fire was this summer. It was a gorgeous day, with temps in the 60s and sunshine. The air felt crisp and I got in some good exercise and took a lot of photos. THIS is why I moved here! I just had to get through that summer heat to arrive at this point.

A majestic saguaro cactus lifts its arms to the sky. These giants of the desert can live for 200 years and grow taller than 50 feet.

Have a colorful day

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Etsy and the election

I refused to put on election news until polls started to close last night. Instead, I listed more of my old art pieces on my new Etsy shop,  

This little (7 inches square) collage is hand painted silk organza with a gold foiled spiral, beads, and gold quilting from 2005. I listed it at $30. It looks nice framed, but I'm selling it unframed because everyone has different tastes in frames. It's mounted on a mat board, so it stands up on its own and can be propped on a shelf.

I can't believe I made it 15 years ago! I want to get back to doing that sort of work.

I also whipped out bookmarks to send as little gifts with my orders. I'm being optimistic here, because the only order I have so far is from a friend. 

Last night's sunset was nice, and it signaled that it was time to turn on the tv ...

... and settle in with the veggie pizza that I had delivered!

After a few hours of nail biting, I baked a pan of brownies. I stayed up much later than usual, even though I knew we probably wouldn't have final results until later in the week.

Then I was up before dawn full of nervous energy ...

... so I went for a brisk walk under the moon as the clouds turned pink. It was a nice 63 degrees and felt invigorating. 

Now, we wait.

Have a colorful day

Monday, November 2, 2020

This and that


Nothing big is going on here, so I thought I'd just pick some random photos from the last few days. The palm trees are in the parking lot of Barnes & Noble. I'm elated to be living somewhere that has palm trees! And the book store finally put back its tables in the cafe and reading chairs.

The sunsets continue to be spectacular. This is the view from my front door. I feel lucky.

This view over Oro Valley is from the Linda Vista Trail in the Catalina Mountains, only half mile from my house. I hiked it yesterday for my very first activity. The other hikers were super friendly, but they were all in better shape than me and kept up a pretty snappy pace as we clambered over big rocks and gained elevation. It was definitely a challenge for me to keep up, but I made it! And at least I didn't have a "cactus incident," like two of them had. They got stuck by cactus needles through their clothes and had to pull them out with tweezers.

I also had my first outing with my first Tucson friend, the woman who cuts my hair. I guess that IS big news! We went to a Haunted Yard that's put on every year by some friends of hers and benefits the food pantry. I let out a few yells when characters that I thought were fake suddenly jumped out at us.

This eerie sunset picture with dead branches and flames is from their yard. 

My friend Paula sent this colorful Day of the Dead card. I'm embracing the colors and culture of Mexico since moving here.

And I made a few more tarot deck bags for my Etsy shop, which I just opened yesterday:

So far I've only listed the bags, but as soon as I dig out some small art quilts and photograph them I'll put them in the shop.

I have no idea if I'll sell even one thing, but it's keeping me busy. For this earthy bag, I started with a dark green batik and brushed on gold fabric paint. The ties are silk ribbon.

Have a colorful day