Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

My little art for under $100

Welcome to my gallery and shop! 

I hope you enjoy my work. These smaller pieces are priced to be affordable at under $100. (Click on any photo for a larger view.)

If you'd like to purchase something: 

1. Send an email to letting me know the title of what you'd like to buy. I'll give you my snail mail address so you can send a check. 

2. When I get your check, I'll send your item with free shipping.

3. I'm sorry, but at this time I don't accept credit cards or PayPal or ship outside of the United States.

4. I thank you from the bottom of my HEART!


"DAWN SPIRIT" -- $30

Size: 6" x 19" (includes yarn tail)

Price: $30 includes shipping

This spirit doll evokes the sense of a beautiful new dawn. I painted the fabric in a wash of dawn colors and combined it with a shell face, protective hand charm, feathers, beads, yarn and sticks to bring you joy. A loop is attached to hang her on the wall, or you could prop her on a shelf to greet you every morning.



Size: 7" x 15" (includes yarn tail)

Price: $30 includes shipping

This spirit doll evokes a beautiful night sky and offers protection and sweet dreams. I painted the fabric in a soft purple and added beads, yarn, a moon charm, coconut shell face, feathers and sticks. A loop is attached to hang her on the wall, or you could prop her on a shelf where you can see her just as you turn off the lights at night.



Size: 13" wide x 12 3/4" high
Price: $45 (includes shipping)

A mandala is often used to focus attention and/or establish a sacred space. I embellished this colorful mandala with hand embroidery and beading to add sparkle and dimension. I painted the blue background and used commercial cottons for the rest. Hanging sleeve on back.



Size:  12 3/4" x 12 3/4"
Price: $50 (includes shipping)

A mandala is often used to focus attention and/or establish a sacred space. This mandala is heavily beaded and hand quilted with perle cotton embroidery thread, giving it a highly textural look. Hanging sleeve on back.



Size: 15 1/2" wide x 14" high
Price: $60 (includes shipping)

I made this mandala while spending the month of March in Sedona, Arizona, surrounded by its famous red rocks and the greening of high desert spring plants. My beautiful surroundings inspired this mandala. The quilt is heavily embellished with beading, hand embroidery and large hand quilting stitches, and a hand charm reaches out from the center. Hanging sleeve on back.



Size: 14" wide x 17 1/2" high
Price: $35 (includes shipping)

Hand-painted cotton with heavy threadwork and silver metallic machine quilting. Take steps to growth! Hanging sleeve on back.



Size: Approximately 18" x 18"
Price: $85 (includes shipping)

If this frenzy of spirals on a hot pink background isn't energetic, I don't know what is! I painted and stamped the background and fused on more sheer, shimmery spirals. The big gold spiral is gold foil. Beading accentuates the main spiral and blue borders cool things off just a bit. Hanging sleeve on back.


Size: 13" x 16"
Price: $35 (includes shipping)

I wove joyful colors of fabric and yarn and quilted them onto a backing and soft batting with sweeping lines of gold metallic thread. Raveled edges and fuzzy yarn give this piece a lot of texture, and bits of shiny fibers sparkle in the sun. This piece would look great framed or as a table topper with something special placed on it. I also sewed four hanging rings to the back so you can hang it in any orientation.



Frame not included

Size: 7" x 7" (frame not included)
Price: $20 (includes shipping)

I painted sheer silk organza in beautiful shades of green, blue, plum and coral and layered them with snippets of gold silk, a gold foil spiral, sparkling breads and gold metallic thread on a grey felt background. The collage is mounted on an acid-free mat board so it can easily be slipped into a frame.



Size: 9 3/4" x 9 3/4"
Price: $35 (includes shipping)

Made of hand-painted sheer silk organza in sunset colors and some shimmery fabrics. Hand quilted with gold metallic thread. The design is a takeoff on the traditional log cabin block, in which the center block represents the hearth of the home and the surrounding strips are the logs of the cabin. "Pink Door" reminds me of a special house awash in a sunset, but it might mean something else to you. Hanging rings on back.



Size: 13 1/2" x 13 1/2"
Price: $45 (includes shipping)

Good day, Sunshine! I wove strips of colorful hand-painted fabric and quilted them onto batting and backing with gold metallic threads. Then I embellished it with a gold spiral sun, beading, and sun and star charms. Hanging rings on back.




Size: 13" x 13"

Price: $45

This art quilt is a takeoff on the traditional nine-patch block. It's made of Hershey Kisses wrappers, hand-painted and stamped cotton and painted exposed batting. I quilted it with gold thread with tails left dangling to add lots of sparkle! Hanging sleeve on back.



Size: 14 1/4" wide x 17 1/2" high
Price: $65 (includes shipping)

Hand-painted silk and cotton and gold mesh are layered to create shifting shimmering colors and patterns. Gold metallic quilting lines create mountains and wind. Dangling gold thread tails sparkle in the light. Hanging sleeve on back.



Size: 12 1/2" x 46"
Price: $40 (includes shipping)

Reversible cotton table runner is pieced on one side with different patches of lemon fabric and on the other side a lemon print fabric. Triangular prairie points finish the ends. Machine quilted and already washed and dried. Machine wash and dry; may shrink a little more.


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