Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Seattle Art Museum inspires

"Takpekpe" (means "Conference") by El Anatsui, 2006
This metal piece in the Seattle Art Museum stopped me in my tracks last week. It really shouts "art quilt" and yet it's one layer made of metal scraps. I was allowed to take photos without the flash, so here are a few shots, all of the same piece.

Here is the accompanying sign, which explains it better than I could:

Here are a few photos of the Ewe textiles exhibit mentioned in the sign:

More African pieces at the Seattle Art Museum

Spectacular metal suit by Nick Cave in the same gallery
My main reason for visiting the museum was to see the Picasso exhibit (which did not permit photos), but these other pieces really grabbed me. I'm drawn to the strong colors and lines of African art. Nick Cave is an artist from Chicago known for his outrageous "suits," but his pieces meshed perfectly with the African pieces.

Inspiration everywhere!


Judys Fiber Art said...

Spectacular photos. Just wonderful. Thanks for posting these.

Martha said...

We are privileged to see the photos you shared of the "metal cloth" exhibit. How fascinating to see the innovation shown by this creation!
Martha Ginn

Marilyn Wall said...

Sherrie you are so right. I would have thought it a quilt. It is wonderful.

Nanc said...

Thanks for taking me on a mini trip to the museum. Wonderful photos!

scott davidson said...

As an older art collector since my wife passed away, I must admit to being very partial to collecting nudes in art, as original paintings or as good prints, that I have displayed all over the house. (I like to see the surprised faces of my new visitors).
This one,, by Emile Munier, is hanging in one corner of my bedroom and was printed by, where I am a very good customer.