Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sewing shelves revealed for the Nuts

The Twisted Nut Stitchers came to my house today for our monthly sew-eat-talkathon, and I took them up to my sewing room for the big reveal of my new shelves, a year in the making. As you can see, they're excited.

This is Dave assembling the units before putting on the final paint and trim boards. He made twelve separate cabinets that will come apart when we move, but we ended up leaving the top three off because they were just too high for me to use. He made the bottom three deeper and covered them with a ledge, then stacked the rest on top. He's a perfectionist, which is why it took a year. (Well, that and his full-time job and his numerous other hobbies.)

Now my fabric finally has breathing room!

Then it was back downstairs to start stitching. Three of us embroidered:

I'm embroidering around these appliques for a wall hanging.
I'm just realizing as I look at the picture above and below that I must have been subliminally influenced by the pattern on my green and white throw pillow when I drew my applique shapes -- and here I thought the inspiration was from my yoga mat design!

Linda P. embroiders a tea pot on a tea towel.

Carolyn embroiders a pillow she designed for a friend.

The other two Nuts were a whirl of motion at the table:

Nancy quilts a stunning table runner.

Here is part of the table runner.

Linda J. has a thing for cowboys. This is the start of a bag.

It rained all day. This has been a record-setting winter-spring for cold and wet up here, with even the old-timers who are used to rain starting to wonder if it will ever end. But Nancy looked on the bright side as she left, pulling out this cheerful sunflower umbrella.

Have a colorful day!


Julia said...

The shelves turned out really well! I still haven't made it all the way upstairs to see them, but I should.

Judys Fiber Art said...

I have a very tiny studio. But I am well organized. It makes all the difference. You have a lot of good inspiration on your blog today. Thanks

Ladybug said...

Those shelves are great! I bet you really enjoyed getting all your "stuff" organized and put away...looks like the nuts liked them too. You all turn out such lovely things & how fortunate you are to have all found each other. Rainy still up here in Poulsbo, too...but we did have 3 sunny days this past week, so my weeds have been tackled. Have a good week!