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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My camera dies, like a salmon

Me and my trusty camera, the day before it died.
My friend, my constant companion, my blogging buddy, my camera, has died.

Its final assignment, fittingly, was documenting the spawning salmon making their last valiant thrashings in Donkey Creek before they expired.

Here are some of the salmon, writhing and resting, then dying. That's what my camera did.

After faithfully capturing the salmon, my camera and I went to a little cafe near the creek and had lunch. Then we stepped out onto the deck to get a photo of the sun-splashed white sailboats in the harbor before heading home, and my camera had a seizure and died!

The lens shuddered and clicked and tried to go out, then clicked frantically and tried to go in, and ... it was awful! It's quite dead. I'm not getting a new one until the mourning process is over. It was like an extension of myself.

My final shot at Donkey Creek Park was this memorial bench with beautiful carvings of the salmon.

Rest in peace


Julia said...

That's sad. Do you have another camera you can use? If not, you should get the same little one I have!... the Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS, or whatever the newer model is.

Ladybug said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about your camera. Within a few months, however, you will be fully adjusted to whatever new one you get and feel as tho you've had it forever. Trust me - I've had many cameras over my lifetime & each has some better (& worse) qualities than the last.

Nice pictures of the salmon. It is really a bittersweet moment for me to see them struggle so & die, but hopefully the streams will be full of the tiny ones come spring. I'd really like to have that carved bench in my back yard!

Also wanted you to know that Joyce Murrey was at a meeting with me in Silverdale yesterday & I told her to tell you "Hi" in person whenever she next sees you.

Judys Fiber Art said...

Yes, I felt the same way when my old Nikon SLR film camera could not be fixed for the last time. I had all the lenses, everything. But then I discovered Digital.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Sounds like exactly what happened with my previous Canon power shot. It gave me an error code, and for awhile I could get it going again until it finally froze up for good. Kept thinking I should see if it could be fixed, but I wanted a camera with a better lens and got something similar to yours. I'd say see if it could be fixed before burying it for good - it's a great camera. And oh, the memories...