Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The answer is ... Sedona!

Magnificent view from the house we're renting.

Ladybug gets the honor for figuring out from my last post where I am -- spectacular Sedona, Arizona! Two others already knew where I was, but they didn't spill the beans.

I just couldn't make it through another grey, rainy winter in western Washington, so we rented a house for March in Arizona. I justified the expense (although very reasonable) because March 1 is our 30th anniversary.

The iron-rich red rocks and trees seem to reach around and hug the town. It's no wonder that artists and writers have flocked here for years. The sun, intense blue skies, vivid sunsets (I don't know about sunrises because I'm never up then) and rich red rocks just feed the soul.

My goal is to hike every day, take a lot of photographs, and let the colors come out in my art. These have always been my favorite colors, but since moving to western Washington about five years ago they were starting to slip away from me. 

Basically, I needed to get back to the sun like a man lost in the desert needs water. I'm not sure if Sedona is technically a desert ... maybe it's considered high desert. There are plenty of pines, oaks and other shrubs and trees, and it does get snow a few times a year. And tomorrow we're supposed to get thunderstorms. I'll research that for a future post.

This painting of the red rocks and my-kind-of-color sky is in the livingroom of our rental. The house is so wonderful that we still can't believe our luck in finding it just a few months before we came down. The views from every window are spectacular and the walls are full of colorful art.

Speaking of art, the central part of town is dotted with these colorful javelinas on parade.

Have a colorful day


tiedyejudy said...

So glad you are enjoying Sedona! I do love it there, and enjoy the scenery whenever I am there. See ya Monday!

Vivian Helena said...

Sedona is one of our favorite places. I have been trying to talk our community into doing something like that with art work in our town. Love the dressed up javelinas.

Have a wonderful time there,, ,I know there is or was a great Quilt store in town. hugs, v

Cathy H said...

I visited Sedona on a tour a couple of years ago......I just love that place and the surrounding area.....I don't know what it is but there is such a special feeling there that I know I will visit it again......your are so very lucky to be spending a whole month there.....congratulations on your anniversary

Robbie said...

ENJOY! ENJOY! AZ is one of the best states...I just commented to another blog friend how calming and calling the land is!! It's beautiful and so much to see and appreciate!