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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Portland: pink trees and dark chocolate

The bars that I selected.
We stopped in Portland on our way home from Sedona yesterday and I found a deliciously decadent dark chocolate shop and clouds of posh pink blossoms on the same stretch of Sandy Boulevard. Nice color contrast.

First, the chocolate!

It was from a store called Pitch Dark -- Modern American Chocolate, at 5353 NE Sandy Blvd. I talked quite awhile with the owner's brother, Jason, who was very enthusiastic about the product and plied me with samples that were delicious. Here he is:

His brother, Brian, opened the shop about two years ago. Here's the blurb from their brochure:

"A Portland, Oregon, crafter compelled to forge a new yet authentic manner for understanding chocolate. From initial roasting to final packaging, every aspect of production is carefully considered to ensure the ultimate tasting experience for the everyday connoisseur. Combining proven old-world methods with new and innovative technology, we do our best to highlight the character and personality of our handpicked single origin cocoa beans. Allow yourself to indulge in every flavorful moment of this truly unique and exquisitely dark experience."

I selected a bar for myself with "complex dark and exotic berry notes." Dave's bar "releases a nice fresh and intense aromatic profile with notes of olive and spices." That will take care of dinner for tonight!

In between Pitch Dark and the pink trees is the Laurelwood Public House and Brewery, which is where we had lunch but I didn't get a photo. Excellent enchiladas! While I was in the chocolate shop (which is open every day), Dave went to a huge bike store on the same stretch of Sandy. Bicycles are everywhere in Portland, especially on the sunny day that was Saturday.

 Have a colorful day


Robbie said...

You had me at "chocolate"!! HA Off to check out the link

sonja said...

Cherry blossoms and dark Chocolate, oh MY! Nice wind down from vacation!

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Oh, my... so glad Portland is so far from Flagstaff! Hopefully, I am safe from the Siren Song of chocolate! Enjoy every bite, and have one (bite) for me...

Living to work - working to live said...

I'm with Robbie! A good chocolate is a thing of wonder!

I've never visited the USA but your drive from Sedona home to Washington sounds as though you'd get a good variety of landscape and Portland has a certain appeal.