Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Friday, June 4, 2010

I screwed up the quilt

I screwed up the quilt with the black lines!
Need suggestions!

I decided that the quilt (at the bottom of my last post) needed some definition, some emphasis. My idea of a soft, loose, breezy confection worked better when I just had a pile of silk than when I cut and quilted it. My sew group agreed, and I couched on some black cording.

It doesn't work. I'm going to rip out the black (and I almost never rip). I'm not sure where to go from there. Any suggestions? This is when I wish I had more formal art training.

The colored straight stitching was fun to do, but it almost disappears.

Black begone!

On a more cheerful note, a few days ago we had half a day of sunshine and joined the rest of Gig Harborites who came outside for the occasion. Here's Julia (who took the deer photos) relaxing after we worked out at the Y.

And so do you!


Robbie said...

personally I wouldn't rip out the about whip stitching colored threads inbetween the stitches or adding beading alongside..or add more black! Actually, I like the black contrast but I'm not an art major either!

Judy Ferguson said...

This is just a personal opinion here. I think it looked good before. Your focal square is almost dead middle. And it is not as commanding as you would like. You could add another one the same color but slightly bigger.It should partially overlap it and shift upward. This would make it shift from dead center and it would make it a larger focal point. It would be easy to test it out first.

Quilters Cottage Norfolk said...

I also think it looks good with the black 'Miro' lines. It gives it a modern edge that you don't see often in art quilts.
It is personal choice because you have the real quilt in front of you.
I put a quilt on the wall, walk away do something totally unrealated chore and then come back. it gives you fresh eyes.
Jane C

patgaig said...

My two cents: I think the black lines add pizzazz and I also think you should consider turning it on it's side so the pointy "triangular" bit is facing down. Hold it up to a mirror and change the orientation.

Julaine Lofquist-Birch said...

Black? Have you ever used black before? Sorry, rip it out...beading maybe?

Sherrie S. said...

Thanks everyone! I ripped out the black, even though I still like the IDEA of it. I may put some back in after I rework the composition. Judy hit the nail on the head when she said the center square is not as commanding as I'd like -- I just didn't realize it until she pointed it out. I really need a refresher course in design or a good critique session. Thanks again!