Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Quilted herons and divers

"Gig Harbor's Peacock" by Delaine Gately

Sixteen beautiful, artistic HERONS have come to roost in downtown Gig Harbor this summer. I was excited to see that two were feathered with fabric. They'll be auctioned off -- to benefit Peninsula Hands on Art -- and moved to their new homes in September, so see them now while you can. The visitor's center has brochures with photos of all 16 and a map with their locations.

"Patchwork Heron" by Jody L. Whalen, above and below


From herons to other divers:

I volunteer for Harbor WildWatch, a group that educates people about the sea life and environment of the Gig Harbor area and South Puget Sound. One of the most interesting (for me, at least) things we do is send divers down to bring up neat stuff from the downtown harbor and then set up touch tanks. This dive was last week and drew about 240 people down to the dock to see what was going on. 

Tom suits up at Jerisich Dock.

A date gone awry?
Divers found this encrusted wine glass and ancient cell phone under the dock.

Sunflower sea star -- can move 5 mph

Have a colorful day!


ann said...

Great Herons. I had to laugh at your 'ancient cell phone' as I have yet to own one.

Lyn Wolf Jackson said...

Ancient cell phone (grin). I loved that Nokia phone and refused to give it up until Verizon would not support an analog anymore. Thanks for sharing the herons. I have seen bears, cows, mermaids, horses, lambs, and fish. I love this fund raiser because the art often stays downtown on the sidewalk or in business lobbies! Fun!

Sherrie S. said...

Thanks for your comments! My photos don't do the herons justice, but not even a professional could make that cell phone look good.

Lyn -- Are you here in Gig Harbor?