Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Artful Quilters Blog Ring

"Common Ground" by Sherrie Spangler and Sandi Uram
In case you're wondering about (or maybe haven't even noticed) the new gadget on the bottom right side of my blog that says "Artful Quilters Blog Ring," here's the scoop. It's a group of people around the world whose blogs focus primarily on art quilting. Most of the blogs also bring in other things going on in the quilters' lives -- after all, that's often what inspires art -- but the main focus is on the quilts.

What this means for lucky you is that
with the click of your mouse
you can jump into the ring and surf around
to as many art quilt blogs as you can handle. 

Just click on either "previous," "next" or "random" and it'll always be a surprise. Or you can look at the list, which includes a brief description of each blog. (Speaking of webs, here's one right outside the window by my desk. The Northwest is draped with spider webs in the fall.)

My fiber friend Julaine first told me about the bloggers' ring way back in Illinois when I thought a blog was too technical for me. You can pop into her blog by clicking on She's fun and funky and definitely thinks outside the box.
So my web ring offering today is this selection of my quilts featuring rings, circles, or similar designs:

Free-motion crane; double-needle embellishment in circle.

Gathering foot made this puckery detail.

Double-needle with gold thread; faced shapes.
"Red Energy, 1st Chakra," with gold foil and hand-dyed fabric. Spirit doll is by Sandi Uram.

"Labyrinth," with hand-dyed fabric, gold foil, and beads.

Detail from "Beach Houses." Hand-painted fabric, yarn, mesh, beads.

Detail from "Mary Conquers Cancer."
I hope you've enjoyed your little spin around the quilts.

Have a colorful day!

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