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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pie crust and garden bounty

I learned to make a pie crust yesterday!

My neighbor, the expert, had a little lesson for myself and another neighbor. That's mine on the left, in a pottery pie dish I bought at our local farmer's market. Our crusts turned out so flaky and light that I could hardly believe it.

I never had luck making crusts before, even though I followed directions exactly. They always cracked and fell apart. The problem, I discovered yesterday, is my hot dry hands. I just had to pat extra water on the dough as I handled it.

So I took my prebaked crust home and filled it with fresh peaches and blueberries tossed in a light fruit glaze that I made from my neighbor's recipe. This is all that was left this morning, and now it's all gone. It was delicious!

After mastering crusts yesterday morning, I shelled peas from our garden for hours last night. This is so much nicer than getting food at the grocery store. I hate the atmosphere in supermarkets -- not enough natural light and too much packaging and artificial food.

I picked a nice bowl of this romaine today for a salad tonight.

The bean stalks are growing like Jack's magic beans ...

The corn is lush ...

And this is a little medley of Swiss chard, kale and beets. Tonight will be a tomato-goat cheese quiche with onions, basil and parsley from the garden in my OWN pie crust; a saute of chard, kale, red peppers and garlic; and a crisp green salad.

Have a flavorful day!

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