Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yoga mat quilting

It's a gorgeous, hot, sunny day in Gig Harbor and I'm taking advantage of it by sewing outside. I've started on my second "yoga mat" quilt, so named because I've been inspired by the flowing design on my yoga mat.

I started last night by selecting a background and motif fabrics from my stash that I've painted over the years. The orange fabric has a little sparkle from Setacolor pearlescent paint.

I ironed paper-backed fusible web to the back of the motif fabric, folded it in half, drew a free-form design and cut it out.

Surprise! A happy face emerged,
with a Jimmy Durante nose.

... then a sad face ...

... and here is the final version, with a chunk relocated from the middle of the nose and the eyeballs moved.

Then I loaded a tray with my embroidery threads, scissors, and ice water and settled in the back yard to soak up some rays while adding the hand stitching.

(The thread is hand-dyed by Laura Wasilowski at
Have a colorful day!


The Idaho Beauty said...

Can't wait to join you! Am mulling what handwork project to bring - have several ready for travel but of course am contemplating starting a new one. Love the play with the yoga mat motif. Faces seem to crop up quite frequently with folded designing. I like how you modified it.

Finally getting hot here too and am about to head out to the porch myself. Spent all afternoon out there yesterday reading. Ah, summer!

Laura Wasilowski said...

Great idea using you yoga mat. You never know what will inspire your next idea. Thanks for using my thread!

Pam said...

So clever--love the colors and vibe! Can't wait to see the completed project, Sherrie. Enjoy the sun!

Ladybug said...

Enjoy the sun, indeed - we're LONG overdue! Love the final design of this piece, but also enjoy the faces leading up to it. Idaho Beauty, don't know where in Idaho you live, but we used to live there and passed through the No. part recently. Lovely part of the country & you are so lucky to live there once more! Small world, eh?

The Idaho Beauty said...

That would be Sandpoint, Ladybug, but I grew up in Wallace. Was gone for many years and am so glad, and yes lucky, to be living in the area again.