Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sew much inspiration from the Nuts!

Another Sew Day with the Twisted Nuts
has come and gone,
and I'm still reeling from the excitement!

Linda's fun pin display.

Linda J. was our host, and we started out in her sewing room looking at some of her latest projects. She's a sewing machine in hyperdrive, churning out quilts, purses, placemats
... and she loves COLOR.

No, this isn't a sewing store. It's Linda's embroidery thread.

Linda rented time on a local quilt store's longarm machine and quilted TWO tops in one day. Here they are. That's her above. Can you tell she likes bright colors?

She also has a stash of discarded jeans, which she turns into placements like those above and bags, like the one below. I love the way she tucked a napkin in the pocket of one placemat and included a belt on the bag.

Besides denim placemats, she had a stack of colorful, reversible ones in the kitchen like these. It was pure coincidence that the latte mug Nancy brought from home matched the placemat:

It was a sunny, warm day so we took our handwork outside on the patio and had a relaxing afternoon munching on chocolate chip cookies, sipping iced tea, and working on our crazy quilt blocks.

Some of our crazy quilting:

Nancy and me with a contorted filbert tree.

Ten days later, darned if Nancy and I weren't touring Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island when she got all excited and started yelling,

"There's a contorted filbert!"

 I felt I should pay homage to it, because a contorted filbert leaf that we used to discharge fabric last year is what led to our name:

The Twisted Nuts!

You can read about it by clicking on "Discharging With the Twisted Nuts." For some reason, that post has more page views than any of my other posts.

Have a very colorful day!


Michigoose said...

Hmm...Dare I say I have a contorted filbert (aka Harry Lauder's Walking stick) in my yard? :)

Sherrie Spangler said...

Well Congratulations! That makes you an honorary member of the Twisted Nuts!

Ladybug said...

I think that filberts/hazelnuts must all have those odd leaves, as we have quite a few wild beaked hazelnuts around our yard & their leaves look similar. Wonderful, but sort of odd trees! How fortunate you are to have this wonderful group of women to meet & sew with. Your projects are beautiful, the food & compamy must be devine! Lucky you!!