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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sunflowers and purple cauliflower

Our sunflowers are glorious!

Months ago, our neighbor Rick asked if we wanted four little sunflower seedlings that he had started. He had a dashboard full of them and was delivering them to neighbors who liked to garden. We said "Sure!" and planted them against the 8-foot-high deer fence that surrounded our vegetable garden.

I am absolutely thrilled at how they've grown! I've never had sunflowers in my yard, even though I have artificial ones all through the house.

And take a look at the beautiful color of this purple cauliflower that Dave planted. It tastes sweet and mild.

He's also having great success with cabbages, both green and purple. Above are some of the cabbage leaves.

And here is Farmer Dave himself, with beans on the left, potatoes in front and corn on the right.


Have a colorful day


Ladybug said...

Are you sure the purple one is a cabbage? It looks more like a cauliflower... The sunflowers and the rest of your veggies look like they've done very well with our weird weather this summer. I KNOW your family will eat very well and healthily this year.

Beautiful pictures and inspiration - I need to get all caught up with your "doins'"!

Sherrie Spangler said...

Oh geeeze, and to think I used to be a copy editor! Ladybug, you're absolutely right, and I KNEW it was cauliflower. I guess I had cabbages on the mind because we also have purple cabbages. I corrected it, but don't hesitate to point out other errors in my posts, especially since you're so knowledgeable about our plants and wildlife.

Ladybug said...

Thanks - and please do the same on my blog. I hope to get back to being more regular with my postings, but this summer has been plum crazy. A lot of fun, but CRAZY none-the-less!

I'm having a problem with my profile pic again, but hopefully will get it back soon.

The purple cauliflower looks very yummy, by the way - with melted cheese, please...