Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Northwest ferry art

"Spawning Salmon"

The Ferry Junky (me) and Idaho Beauty (quilting friend from Idaho) took  the Seattle-Bremerton ferry this week. Before we even got on the boat in Bremerton, I found all of this great Northwest art in the passenger terminal.  The first four are tiles set in the wall at eye level showing local marine life and maps.

"Dungeness Crab"

"Giant Octopus"

"Hood Canal Shrimp"

Running along the top of the passenger terminal wall was this long piece inspired by petroglyphs in our region.

Once on the ferry, there was more art scattered throughout the seating area. I only got one photo, of this Great Blue Heron piece. You can see the long row of ferry windows reflected in the glass.

Note how the gray of the art is identical to the gray of Seattle as we pulled in:

As we waited to disembark, I shot this photo (above) of the huge Norwegian Pearl cruise ship, which dwarfed the buildings of downtown Seattle. It's 965 feet long, holds 2,394 passengers, has 12 restaurants and 14 bars and lounges. Here's a link showing lots of colorful photos of the ship:

By the time we got on the ferry to leave Seattle, the sky was crisp and blue. I shot the photo above of another ferry as we waited to take off. Once under way, we watched this parasailer being towed by a boat as it swooped over the water like a bird.

Have a colorful day


Robbie said...

And I thought the parasailer might be you! Thanks for the trip and I didn't have to leave the living room! some good art inspiration!

Ladybug said...

The first tiles look a lot like actual "fish prints" or are extremely good replicas of such. I know, because I've done more than I can count working with kids & marine science...Beautiful works of art, all, and they really do spice up the ferries & terminals. I love the fact that you not only notice and enjoy public art, but also care enough to photograph & share it.THANK YOU!!