Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yoga quilt #3 and wisdom teeth

Beginning of yoga mat quilt #3.

Time to get back to the studio.

I've been feeling artistically lazy and unmotivated lately, but today I had to stay home to help nurse the daughter after she had her wisdom teeth removed so I decided to start another yoga mat quilt.

Step 1: Select a background fabric (green batik) and motif fabric (hand-painted cotton from my stash).

Step 2: Iron fusible web to the back of the painted fabric, fold a center crease, and freehand draw a curvy design on one side of the crease.

Step 3: Fold in half again and cut out along the lines. Unfold and arrange shapes on background. Play with different arrangements.

A slightly different arrangement.
Step 4: Fuse those suckers down. Next will come a lot of embroidery and beading, which I'll start tonight when the sun goes down.

The sparkle comes from pearlescent paint that I mixed in with the plum.

Here is the still unfinished yoga quilt #1, above, and #2, below.

I think #2 needs more contrast -- what do you think? I haven't beaded around the outer motifs yet, but I think it will need more than that to save it. Or maybe the paler effect is OK. I need feedback on this one!

Here's a closeup of the embellishment on #2.

And here is a cheery vase of flowers brought over by our neighbor Rosemary for my daughter after her oral surgery today. Everything is from her garden, and notice how the vase matches the white flowers. Thanks, Rosemary!

Have a colorful day


The Idaho Beauty said...

Can you wait for feedback until I can see it in person? I'm thinking that however you decide to quilt it will/could fix any problems you think it might have in the pale category. Also how you decide to finish the edge. For me, sometimes it's a mat-like border or a binding that suddenly makes the whole thing work.

Love the colors on the new one - divine!

Ladybug said...
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Ladybug said...

DARN - I will not get to see it in person, but here are my thoughts:

1.Finish the beading and see how it all looks then.

2. Consider repeating something similar to the top embellishment several places within the motif...

3. The final quilting/finishing work will definitely make a difference, so you might want to play around with ideas for that before doing anything about my 2nd idea...

It will look great when finished!!

Katia said...

Hm, perhaps you can find inspiration from your kid's wisdom teeth recovery. Something to cheer her up, that sort of thing. It can be pretty tense, going to the dentist to extract some teeth. Well, I hope she recovered without any problems!

-Katia Craig