Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Seattle-L.A. from the air

Mt. St. Helens volcano, from airplane window.
Just back from visiting the International Quilt Festival-Long Beach and family in L.A. My first report is a bird's eye view of the trip from my Alaska Air window. 

Soon after taking off from Seattle, we passed over Mt. St. Helens, giving us this spectacular view of the side of the volcano that was blown off more than 20 years ago.

Another view of the volcano.

Taking off from Los Angeles, we swooped out over the ocean and got a final view of the long beach.

The ocean is in the distance, with arid developments coming into view below us.

Soon we were over the mountains and into clouds ...

... but not for long. Soon we were through the clouds and flying over farmland, which I think was in Oregon.
Finally, home came into view -- literally. I can see the little cove on Wollochet Bay where we live in this photo, but it was another two hours before we landed, caught the shuttle, and finally arrived home. That's Tacoma in the foreground, the Narrows Bridge (one mile long) connecting Tacoma to Gig Harbor, and Fox Island on the left.

More on the quilt festival and other colorful L.A. sites soon.

Have a colorful day

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Pam said...

Sherrie, these pictures are fantastic--I can see so much future art in them! I am freakishly afraid of flying, so when I first opened this post my stomach went queasy, but soon I couldn't stop looking at them--really pretty and maybe somewhat therapeutic!!!