Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring chickens

Look at these cool chickens that Linda P. made for our sew group this month! They're little pincushions -- one for each of us. Linda made the fun placemat, too. Spring is busting out all over!

Here are some more spring chickens -- the fabulous Feet and Forks. We escaped the United States to go running around up in Victoria, B.C., and spent hours hiking through Beacon Hill Park. It's a gorgeous city park, full of flowers, ponds, a kid's animal farm, and a breathtaking path overlooking the bay. It has chickens, too:

The chickens ran around so fast I could hardly snap their pictures. We even saw some quick, hot fowl play with a rooster and one of the hens.

I wrote some more posts about Victoria here and here in case you'd like to see more photos.

Have a colorful day


Carol said...

I had the same problem once. The only way I could solve it was to rotate the photo in my picture file and then re-save it with a different name, before importing it onto my blog. Hope that works.

The chooks (Aussie for chickens or fowls) are gorgeous, both the real life ones and the pincushions. What are the pincushions filled with.

:Diane said...

... and the chicken (who was proud to be wearing that tag) said, "I BELIEVE I will walk up this wall." And she did. Only a very self confident chicken who believes in herself can perform such miracles.

Sherrie Spangler said...

And Sherrie said, "I BELIEVE, with Carol's advice, I can put this chicken back in her place." And I did!

Judy Ferguson said...

These chickens seem to know how to strut their stuff. Both live and cloth chickens, that is. But, I would watch out for the roosters.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Well, I can see you are having WAY too much fun! I had to tell my mil about feet & forks after she told about the walking group at her retirement home. They walk a couple of miles once a month - different routes, end up at some place to eat and then get bussed back. She seemed embarrassed about the eating part, as if that negated the exercise they got so she loved hearing about your group.

Ladybug said...

OK, now those chicken pin cushions are just way too cool - is there a pattern for them anywhere, or might they be on-line somewhere? I already know who I'd like to make some for...

The live chickens are quite cool, too, although as you said, it IS spring so they're heatin' up! I agree with Judy, I'd avoid those roosters.

Beacon Hill is wonderful - we've strolled that area, also. LOVE Victoria & you FEET & FORKS seem to have great fun wherever you go. Happy Spring to you, Sherrie!