Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

56 bags of granola and May Day

Has it really been 8 days since I've blogged! I still have nothing new from the sewing studio to write about, but yesterday did get off to a great start with a surprise May Day basket of flowers left on my front porch by my neighbor's grand- and great-granddaughters. That was a really nice surprise!

Too bad the May Day anarchists who vandalized downtown Seattle later in the day didn't just leave flowers instead. They should learn from the children.

The day ended around midnight listening to Dave use the vacuum sealer to package up 56 servings of granola for this year's canoe and kayak trips. Yum? As the clock struck midnight, he turned 59.


Dave lives for his wilderness escapes. He even gets geared up when he's in civilization, just for practice. The T-shirt aptly says "Trail Head."

Here he is on this spring's trip to California. That's him and my brother, camouflaged on the seaside rocks like two old billy goats.

That's the brother from my "Soul of an Irish Poet" blog post:

 Have a colorful day


Carol said...

Is leaving a basket of flowers on your neighbour's doorstep a May Day tradition where you live? If it isn't it should be! Such a lovely thing to do. Here it's autumn, but the change is so subtle in the tropics that only those who've lived her a long time notice!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Love the pic of the two old billy goats! Belated b-day greetings to Dave. Somehow it comforts me to know he's slightly older than I am.