Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer colors and quilts

Today's garden bouquet and a quilt I made in 2006.

Happy Summer Solstice!

I picked a bouquet from our yard today, including lupine, wild geraniums, carnations, lady's mantle, and dandelions, to show what's blooming on this first day of summer. The colors match this quilt that I titled "Spring." When I made it in the Midwest those were the spring colors. Here, it could be titled "Summer."

Detail of woven quilt.

This next quilt is the one I blogged about here under "Color Therapy": I haven't titled it yet, but it reminds me of grasses in the wind or eelgrass swirling in the water. Last night I shifted the rectangles around a little, added some scraps of sheer painted silk organza and gold mesh and quilted it with gold thread.

My latest quilt, finished last night.
Today dawned bright and sunny! But we need to get out and appreciate it intensively, because as the headline says: "Summer Here Today, Gone Friday." Sigh. If you click on the picture you can read the sad details.

Today's Tacoma News Tribune
Here are a few other shots to show what's going on at our house on the solstice:

Today's view from our deck
of the Olympic Mountains and BLUE SKY!
Rhodie leaves in the backyard.
Farmer Dave's veggie garden in front of the house.

OK, so the pie cherries aren't from today, but they're so bright that I had to include them. Julia was making a cherry pie for Father's Day.

Have a colorful solstice!


ellen gets crafty said...

Beautiful colors of summer.

Ladybug said...

The 1st picture is gorgeous - both the bouquet and the quilt.What are the bright blue flowers on the right side of the flower arrangement?

Eelgrass, YES! in the color therapy one.

I'm reminding myself when I complain about this "summer" here that the rest of the country is sweltering with highly unusual heat. Guess I'd rather be here - but I'd trade some of our rain for some of their sun...just a little, please?