Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We dyed laughing

Vibrant fabric from our dyefest.

My new art quilt group -- STITCH -- had a dyefest yesterday on a little island off the coast of Washington accessible only by boat. We laughed, dyed, ate, dyed, lounged and laughed.


Linda loved the dye buckets.

The day started dark and early on the ferry, where we saw two Orca whales swimming in the distance. That little black speck in the water to the lower left of center is one of them just going under. If you click on the photo you might be able to see it better:

Orca whale going under near Tacoma.
Our ferry stopped at Ketron Island, below, where we wondered how long this old ferry had been listing at the dock. Ketron's population is 17, according to the 2010 census.

Moving along, the weather was getting more threatening:

When we got to Anderson Island, our hostess and dye leader, Andrea, had tables and supplies set up on her back deck overlooking the South Puget Sound. Before we dove in, she showed us some of the gorgeous fabric she has dyed:

Results of dying white-on-white cotton fabric.
The ink in the designs acts as a resist,
allowing the designs to stand out against the dyed background.

Andrea's Twisted Log Cabin block with some of her color gradations.

For this striking quilt top, Andrea dyed white fabric
with black ferns in a green gradation.

Then she took us outside and showed us how to prepare the dye buckets for two color runs: greenish yellow-blue and yellowy orange-red.

Pat took her job seriously ...

... Linda didn't.

Barbara coordinated her purple shirt, gloves and glasses.

That's Andrea, Lois, Carol and Pat agitating the fabric.
Relaxing after our potluck lunch
while the dye does its thing in the buckets.
My fabric ready to go home and be rinsed.

I promised you a rainbow, and as we were packing up to leave, Mother Nature spread her own dye across the sky in a beautiful colored arc. We couldn't have planned a better ending to a fabulous workshop.

Thanks STITCHers!
Thank you Andrea!

Some of my fabric after washing and drying.

Have a colorful day!


Lisa said...

It looks like you had a fabulous time! But how could you not with that kind of beautiful surrounding and lots of fun friends AND dyeing fabric!!! Thanks for sharing and posting the link to the QuiltArt list.

ellen gets crafty said...

What a great day - friends, fabrics, food and fun!!!!

Judy Ferguson said...

I am jealous. What a great group to hang with. So much fun and scenery too. Amazing.

taxingwoman said...

We're doing lots of dyeing here in Western Australia, Sherrie, must try somewhere offshore! Looks great

Ladybug said...

What a fun thing to do on a dreary day! One thing about Pacific Northwesterners is they know how to have a good time no matter what the weather does. Love the colors you went home with.

ou might enjoy this book I read about Anderson Island as it used to be: Island Year by Hazel Heckman

Delaine said...

Friendship brings color into grey days,you are a rainbow.....I look forwards to your blog they are visual candy to ons creative spirit. Well done