Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

STITCH snippets

Detail of art quilt by Delaine Gately.

Today my art quilt group, STITCH, met. We discussed goals for our group for the coming year (like having an exhibit) and our personal art goals. It was a really great way to start out the new year, and I left feeling invigorated and inspired. 

I didn't get pictures of everyone's show and tells, but here are some glimpses of the ones I did get. These first two are by Delaine Gately, our queen of glitz. (I think she said she helped a student compose the top one, using some of her signature techniques.)

Detail of art quilt by Delaine Gately.

This next one is by Anne Roberts. It was lush with texture and color:

Detail of art quilt by Anne Roberts.

Small quilt by Lois Johnson.

These two (above and below) by Lois Johnson have a vintage feel. The top one was the result of a challenge from last year, and the bottom one is part of a very long piece incorporating her mother's tatting and Lois's needle skills. It's going to be a window valance.
Stitchery piece by Lois Johnson incorporating her mother's tatting.

Carol Arnold hosted, and here you can see one of her striking contemporary quilts on the wall. She also showed us a spectacular quilt top she just finished using Australian aboriginal patterned fabric juxtaposed with black, but I was helping to hold it up and didn't get a photo : ( 

There was more, but I was so busy admiring and taking notes that I didn't get pictures of everything. When I got home, I got back to business working on my spring quilt. Delaine wanted to make sure I added some glitz. I wish the yellow and pink bead combo didn't look so much like olives.

Have a colorful day


Ladybug said...

WOW! Thank you for this beautiful bit of "sunshine" today! We have heavy fog this morning, so I needed it.

These all look like incredible pieces. When I saw the 1st one, before reading about it, I thought that you'd REALLY made some progress on the one you're currently working on. Yes, I know they look nothing alike, but that's just where my mind was at the time...

I, too, wish that you could have captured the aboriginal one as I love native cultures, but maybe "next time".

Now, I would never have thought olives, if you hadn't mentioned them.... I bet when it's all done they will blend into the greater picture.

Have a great, colorful day, Sherrie!

Julia DesertSpring said...

I really like the new quilt you've been posting pictures of. The beads do look a little like olives, but they also look like... "tips."

Judy Ferguson said...

Wow, she really is the "queen of glitz." There is nothing like hand stitches to make a quilt a work of art. Thanks for the pictures. Wonderful group.