Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Monday, December 2, 2013

Sweet and cute: Macaroons and bunnies

I still can't show my latest sewing projects because they're all gifts to people who read the blog, but I CAN show the chocolate-and-nut-dipped macaroons that I made tonight. They're quilt related because I'm taking them to our guild's holiday potluck party ...

... at least I'm taking the ones that don't march right into my mouth before tomorrow.

Bunners, front, and Frankie.
As if that isn't sweet enough, how about these bunnies? My daughter came home for Thanksgiving with her brown rabbit, Frankie, so we had a photo shoot with Frankie and Bunners.

I just cuddled them and melted. They're sweeter than macaroons and they weigh less than three pounds each! I'm going to gain at least that much from our potluck party.
Floppy-eared Frankie, a male Holland lop.
They each had a health scare recently and we thought we were going to lose Frankie, but he's recovered and we gave special thanks this Thanksgiving.

Sleek Bunners, a female Polish rabbit.

 Have a colorful day


tiedyejudy said...

Mmmmm!!! The Macaroons look scrumptious! I wouldn't dare make any... they would allrojects jump to their death in my mouth, and their remains would be laid to rest on my hips for sure! But the bunnies are very sweet... I would be sorely tempted to get a pair of my own if it weren't for the resident felines who would be oh, so jealous! Can't wait to see your projects!

Judy Ferguson said...

Another cuteness alert. I don't know which is cuter, bunners or my latest great grandson, but I guess I will have to choose the great grandson. I had some great Macaroons today at our quilt guild party and now am cuddled up in the recliner, looking at the bunnies.