Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Zooming In

I love zooming into photos to pick out little parts and enlarge them. Sometimes they can become abstract. Sometimes the small things have more impact than the big picture. Other times it just changes the focus. ALL the time, though, zooming in can inspire me in my art.

This first example shows a scenic vista from one of my hikes in Sedona, in northern Arizona. The second photo zooms in on the clouds.

The next example is a yucca, a very common plant along the trails here. I love it just as it is, but I think zooming in on smaller parts has a bigger impact.

This other desert resident spirals out with impressive spikes that are even spikier upon enlargement.


This wet sand is interesting either way, zoomed out or in. Great texture.

The greenish-yellow lichen provides great contrast on the orange rock and could be an abstract painting -- Mother Nature's abstract.

I love the lines and shadows in the rock overhang, but zooming in gives you a very textural, abstract option.

The photo above is a closeup of the cross section of a log that I found on a trail.

This green bottle of absynthe at the bar of a local eatery is spooky enough as is with the eyes, but zoom in and you have a really interesting eerie picture.

Finally, my embroidery stash is colorfully exciting, but zooming way in on just some of the threads makes them look like a landscape with a blue sky, yellow-orange rock formations, and green trees in the foreground.

Have a colorful, inspired day

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Cathy Hetzel said...

Hi Sherrie......just wanted to say thank you for posting so many photos of your time in Sedona......always feel a little envious of you being able to go there.....anyway....hubby and I are planning a little trip to the USA for later this year....and I have been able to convince him by showing your posts to him...that we should stay at Sedona for a couple of days....and I'm happy to say that I soon will be able to post some photos of this beautiful we have now booked our tickets and accommadation....Thanks Sherrie... your mandala