Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Little white lights

I haven't blogged much lately about my art because my creative energy has been going toward decorating the house with thousands of little white lights, which will stay up all winter into early spring. This is our first winter in this house and we're blessed with a lot of windows that reflect the lights, multiplying the starry effect.

Instead of having a big Christmas tree, I have about 10 little ones clustered around the house, like little forests. I used to hang small ornaments on them, but lately I like just the white lights.

It starts getting dark around 3:30 and most of the day is pretty dim here in the Northwest, so I turn on all the lights as soon as I get up and they stay on until bedtime. I LOVE it! Hope you're all enjoying your December.

Have a colorful day


Living to work - working to live said...

I love the idea of lots of little Christmas trees. I might try to copy that this year. And those twinkling lights are just delightful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the idea of the multiple small trees! I am liking that idea a LOT! Today is supposed to be "acquire-a-tree-day" so we shall see how that goes. Love your white lights - very cool~

The Idaho Beauty said...

Looks fabulous. I really like the simplicity of the white lights & unornamented trees. Has to make you jolly!

sonja said...

we are also in a new house this year and like you, moved in the summer. now i am starting to set up my annual Christmas home show, number 17, as well holiday
decore and to find where what goes.i have a few little trees, pencil trees they were called when i got them years ago and i love them for handmade ornies. we did get a wonderful wreath that comes from your neck of the world and smells divine as i pass by on the way to the kitchen.i close my eyes and it even better pinier. i also use only white lights,leaving some up all year all around the deck as festive.
your decor is wonderful,love the snowmen, and all the glass is charmingly enchanting. thanks for sharing.

Robbie said...

I love the little lights!!!! They look beautiful!!! I'd keep them up all year!!!!

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Magical! I just got a small live tree with a string of battery-powered mini lights... first tree I've put up in ages, but I'm in love with all your lights! May have to forage in the garage and see if I have any working strings I can put up in the windows. Have a wonderful holiday season... see you in the not too distant future!