Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Monday, August 3, 2015

Fabric painting

I haven't painted fabric in ages. (I'm not talking about dying, but painting with fabric paints, specifically Pebeo Setacolor.) Last week I decided to paint a few pieces just to get back into the swing of things. The piece above is supposed to be sand, water and sky. I'm letting it dry fairly flat with just a few folds for texture.

I also painted two smaller pieces and scrunched them to dry in pie tins. This gives a three-dimensional effect from the folds:

Into the stash they go!
Have a colorful day


sonja said...

Sherri, your painting is a great beginning for more art to come i see a landscape of luminous color. I love your colors and textures. Setacolor is such a lovely transparent paint for making yardage. i also scrunch and fold and twist some wet painted fabric for great textures after they dry. i use them,sometimes applying a large leaf as a mask,( think Monstera leaf, ferns,) i have a long time affair with versatex inks to create the colors of my idea seeds and dreams, Love how the color merge and marry as added surprises and yhey leave a soft hand to the fabric ! IT JUST SO Happens i also painted yesterday, an outdoor activity for sure, along with 3 ladies that recently asked to try their hand. Some of the happiest parts of a day are painting and sharing with like minds that love color and fabric and What if!! often and out loud!

Robbie said...

REALLY nice! Love that last piece you had picture of!!! These should go well with the fabrics you dyed last week! nicely done!

The Idaho Beauty said...

I haven't painted fabric for a long time either. With all the heat we've had this summer, I've thought I should do some sun printing again. I liked what happened when I tried it using strips of tissue paper several years ago & have been setting tissue paper aside when it came my way ever since. I suppose I hesitate partly because I already have so much fabric in my stash!

These are great pieces. I too like the effect one gets from scrunching. Just magical.

Angela said...

Nice results! I love painting fabric like this!