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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sharing the trails


and Jeeps

... all share the trails that take off from Broken Arrow Road in Sedona.

Dave and I did a 4.4-mile, three-hour hike today on that network of trails. It was new to us in the four years we've been coming here, and is now on our favorites list. We started on the Broken Arrow Trail, which we took to Chicken Point and sat for awhile with snacks enjoying the spectacular vista. Then we looped back on High On the Hog and Twin Buttes. Well-marked trails made it easy, but we also carry our own map all the time.

Not only are there plenty of signs and trail maps, but the routes are also marked by rock cairns. These desert trails that take off over rocks aren't as easy to see as trails through a forest.

We came across some pretty big yuccas! Wouldn't want to fall into one of these, with their spear-tip points.

We hiked in the afternoon because we lazed around all morning with coffee, and by the end of the hike our shadows were getting long. Tomorrow we'll get off to an earlier start because it will be hotter than today.


Have a colorful day

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Robbie said...

I'm envious! Can't wait for the next post and pics!