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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Visitors and more hiking

Hiking around Courthouse Butte with Kandi and Bruce.
We had a flurry of visitors over a 24-hour period this week, then we got back to more hiking. It was such fun having two couples from back home stop by, even though the visits were brief.

Dave and Bruce scramble up Muffin Rock.
Kandi, one of my Feet & Forks partners, and her husband, Bruce, drove up from Phoenix for a day of hiking and dinner. We took them around Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock, earning our meals at the Javelina Cantina.

Feet & Forks, Arizona chapter

The day before, Sew Day sister Linda P. and her husband, Jim, stopped by in their camper on their way up to the Grand Canyon. There's evidence of Linda all through my little sewing area here: She gave me the portable light, thread catcher and needle case. We had good conversation and pizza at Pisa Lisa before watching the sunset from Airport Mesa. (See earlier post for that photo.)

Linda and Jim visit in their camper.

Then it was back to our hiking. Boynton Canyon is a favorite of ours, with some great vistas as well as enchanting shady stretches through trees near the canyon floor. It's about six miles round trip, so we brought tamales and oranges to snack on halfway through.

Near the beginning of the trail is this clearing with four crosses. It appears to be a sort of ceremonial site, but I can't find any info on it. Are any of you familiar with it?

Have a colorful day

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Vivian Helena said...

We were at the airport restaurant last summer, what a surprise from what was there before. And the look out at sunset. We stayed at the motel on the bluff. Beautiful ! Enjoy!