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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Color from Judi's garden

A lush, fragrant bouquet from Judi's garden.

Some friends and I went for a hike earlier this week, and afterward Judi -- the green thumb of the group -- invited us to tour her gardens. What a visual and aromatic feast!

She and her family started building the garden 20 years ago. One of the first things they installed was the fence around the future rose garden. It's a beautiful fence (above) and keeps the deer away.

Up close, I was blown away by the rich, lush, fragrant flowers. I'll let the photos of roses, peonies, poppies and others speak for themselves.

The colors are simply delicious. Judi knows the names of every plant as if they are her children, and she encouraged us to get our noses right into the roses to appreciate the individual scents of each one.


After the rose garden, we wandered into the separate "room" of the shade garden, with its layers of green and delicate shade blooms.

Judi makes sure to include light greens to glow amidst the darker greenery.

She also includes a variety of interesting leaf shapes.

 A Buddha statue adds to the calm, hushed atmosphere of the shade garden.

And just for fun, the gardens are sprinkled with whimsical creatures, like these. Hope you enjoyed the tour.

Thank you, Judi!


Have a colorful day


Barb said...

You captured it Perfectly!!!

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

She is truly an artist! Those flowers, the feel of the garden... fabulous!

Robbie said...

All of the pictures are beautiful but I'm leaning towards the peach color(s)! Amazing...

Living to work - working to live said...

That orange poppy is the one for me! All blousy and completely over the top!

And I love the wimsey (whimsy?).

Can't garden for toffee but I do love a garden!