Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Friday, November 11, 2016

Wow, wool!

One of Pam's many wool appliqué quilts.

Our quilt guild has an extraordinarily prolific and talented wool appliqué artist named Pam who just started a wool group that I joined. I was so blown away by her work that I asked if I could feature her in a blog post. She said yes.

So ... Heeeeere's Pam!

She started doing wool appliqué about 15 years ago when she lived in Alaska. She even dyes her own wool, often starting with white or light colored wool garments from thrift stores. In the summer she dyes outside with wool dyes and in the winter she dyes inside with Kool-Aid. (Kool-Aid doesn't require working with ventilation for safety.)

All of the work here was done by Pam

Her studio is to "dye" for, with stacks and stacks of colorful wool and projects under way.

For the first meeting of the Woolies, she spread books, patterns, supplies and yummy finished projects throughout the rooms. Ten of us dove in and feasted on the color and designs. 

I was inspired to order two of the books that she had, and tomorrow I'm going to a sale  at the quilt store in Port Gamble, which has a nice selection of wool.  Then I'll settle in for the winter with a new project!

Detail from one of Pam's quilts.

Have a colorful day


sonja said...

What delicious colors Pam achieves with dyes and repurposed wool!And her quilts shown are to DYE for!!What fun wool must be to quilt as i guess no needle turn is required. Do you recall that song way way back when called ...Woolie Bullie..? are you they! what fun for the winter!!

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

What beautiful work she does! Reminds me of designs I saw years ago in Solvang, and also of a book I had once of Hex designs for barns... Pennsylvania Dutch, if I'm not mistaken. You're going to have a lovely winter with all those warm, colorful wools to play with!

Lynda said...

Oh Wow! Such lovely work. Looking forward to what you create.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Goodness, what a treasure you've found! Pam's work is beautiful, bright & inspiring. You are going to enjoy this group so much I can tell. I wonder if you can paint wool like you paint organza. Surprised that Pam koolaid's her wool. Admire her searching out used wool to recycle. Thanks for sharing.

Robbie said...

Wow, wow, wow!!! Pam's work is wonderful! You can tell she is precise about her workmanship. How lucky are you to join this group!! You also do wonderful work with wool. I've never 'got' the bug but certainly appreciate the work that you each do to create the pieces!!! look forward to many more posts on this group and your wool applique!

baili said...

today i am sooo happy to visit you because i could see your lovely blog and could see the Amazing artwork of Pam that just hold my breathe i wish i live near her and buy some such wonderful designs for decurating my rooms .
fantastic job dear