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Monday, March 27, 2017

Keith and clouds

I rarely have photos of my son, Keith, in the blog, because he lives in Wisconsin and I only see him a few times a years. But he came out to visit us in Sedona, so now I get to catch up.

We hiked almost every day in the red rocks, but one day it rained so instead we went south to visit the cliff dwelling called Montezuma Castle. 

Southern Sinagua ("without water") native farmers built the five-story, 20-room dwelling sometime between 1100 and 1300. Early American settlers assumed that it was Aztec in origin, hence the name Montezuma Castle.

Keith in front of Montezuma Castle.

The next day we hiked along the creek on Munds Wagon Trail and were treated to some waterfalls and nice pools of water from the previous day's rain: 

And then there are the clouds, which I have to work into a post before we leave. Here are some:

Sunset view from our rental house.

Sunset from Airport Mesa, where everyone goes to see the sun set.

Interesting cloud formation yesterday afternoon.
Anyone know what it's called?

We only have a few days left here and I've come down with a nasty cold, so I don't know how much more hiking I'll get in. I think today I'll stay home and sew and send my husband off on an adventure by himself.

Have a colorful day


Julia DesertSpring said...

I had to look it up, but those are cirrus clouds!

Robbie said...

How nice you got to visit with your son and what a great way to do it!!! Hiking! Hope your cold isn't severe and you get back too it!

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Sorry to hear about your cold, darn it! I do hope it clears up quickly, and I'm sad that it's almost time for you to leave again! Thanks for sharing pix of so many wonderful hikes... looks like you got in a few new spots this year.
Have a safe trip home!

sonja said...

Oh, those clouds seem like a beautiful water color painting. thing is with clouds is to keep looking and in a moment they have shifted and changed!