Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Friday, June 17, 2011

Cancer quilt, spirals and moon snail

Cancer quilt, spirals and moon snail?
There is a common thread here,
having to do with circular movement.

The spirals on my work-in-progress quilt are obviously circular, and I just added the beads last week. It needs more quilting and maybe more beads before I call it done.

The quilt top below is one that I helped my Comfort Quilt group put together a few weeks ago. I took the finished blocks home and set them together and added a border. Next it goes to the volunteer quilters and binders.Our group gets together each month to make quilts that we give to local cancer patients. I've written more about this group here, here, and here.

The circular motion relates to
sending out good karma,
or "what goes around comes around."
Quilt top for a cancer patient.

And finally, the amazing moon snail!
Note the spiraling of its shell.

I took this photo and video a few days ago at Penrose Point State Park, where our Harbor WildWatch group shared the wonders of low tide with 60 first graders on a field trip. The ooey-gooey moon snail was a big hit.

For a real treat, watch the sloooow motion of the snail creeping forward on the beach in the video. You have to look closely at the bottom right of the snail. (This is my first attempt to put a video on the blog, so let me know how it works.)

Have a colorful day


Judys Fiber Art said...

Ok, the snail was a little creepy and I may have trouble sleeping tonight, but I love the color shading on your spiral.

Robbie said...

Video worked great but i can't believe how SLOW that little guy moved or tried to move..I could see some green leaves or leaf move just a tad!! what a hike he has if he's climbing up that hill too!! LOVE the spiral's wonderful!

Michigoose said...

Love the spiral, love the chemo quilt (keep up the good work guys!)...and the moon snail? Well....not so much...I can handle banana slugs...but this snail was...well...a little too gushy for me.

I'd probably accidentally step on it. Blech.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Your spirals are coming along nicely. I could have done without the ooey gooey. ;-)

Ladybug said...

For those who may not know, that moon snail can grow to be humongous - the shells are often as big as a baseball! (regular baseball, NOT a softball.) Cool creatures, I think! Love your quilts - BOTH of them.