Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chihuly glass baskets

At the end of my last post, I showed a closeup of the Dale Chihuly glass basket pictured above and promised to show more. So here you go. All of these are from a collection that Chihuly donated to the Tacoma Art Museum (in his hometown). He also has a new exhibit called Dale Chihuly's Northwest, but photos were not allowed in that room.

Although I work in soft cotton and silk, I'm very inspired by his colors and designs. I'm especially drawn to the geometric designs and high contrast color combos.

Note the highly contrasting lips on each vessel.

This is part of the sign that explains his techniques for the various items in the room. I wish I had photographed the entire sign, but at least you can read about a few of the series.

This next one reminds me of delicate underwater marine forms -- which could be found in the waters of the Puget Sound near the Tacoma Art Museum.

These last two photos are more fabulous Chihuly glass from TAM's permanent collection. Above are some of his fanciful vases, and below are his "floats."

To see more of his work, check out this link:

Have a Chihuly day!


Judys Fiber Art said...

Thanks for posting these absolutely fantastic glass creations. What a treat to have all these treasures so close to you.

norma said...


ellen gets crafty said...

So beautiful, wish I could see them in person.

Ladybug said...

NO ONE does glass like Chihuly - a true genius.It is hard to believe, sometimes, that it is glass at all...puts me into another world entirely!

THANKS for sharing, Sherrie!

Martha said...

The highlight of our trip to the Pacific Northwest several years ago was seeing the Museum of Glass. Since I can't go again, thanks for posting these pictures for us to enjoy.