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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nourishment: Food and Flowers

The yard rabbit celebrates.
We've had a delayed spring in the Northwest, but our flowers and veggies are finally blooming.

Dave's peas (above) are coming along nicely, and we've been picking a variety of lettuces, young kale, parsley, onions and radishes.

This is the second year for our garden, and we have a guest master farmer this year. Our neighbor has planted three rows of corn at one end to prove to Dave that corn can grow in the Northwest. Dave was skeptical because he's from the Midwest, where corn is king, but I predict we'll have a neighborhood corn boil later this summer.

That's Farmer Dave and Farmer Dick below,
taking a break from garden chores.

 On the back deck, my Home Depot daisy has finally unfurled and the other potted flowers are thriving:

But nourishment doesn't just come from veggies and flowers. In the kitchen, Julia turned out a nice batch of vegan chocolate chip cookies last week ...

 ... and today we topped off our tanks at Starbucks. (Hers is the healthy green tea lemonade. Mine is my usual venti iced decaf nonfat no-whip mocha.)

Have a colorful day

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Ladybug said...

Yes, corn will grow here. But just beware - raccoons love to sneak in and take a bite (or 2...) out of each ear & leave them scattered all over the yard!