Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Darlene: A Jewel in the Desert

Darlene Goins and her fabulous jewelry
at Art Under the Umbrellas.

My husband dropped me off Saturday at Art Under the Umbrellas in Old Town La Quinta, CA. It was another sunny day in the desert and I was feeling in my element -- my beloved desert air, sunshine, art ... what could be better? THEN I got to the first booth and IT GOT A LOT BETTER!!!

I had stepped into "Darlene's Divine Madness"
There was this explosion of bold, wild, my-kind-of-color jewelry, and an even bolder, wilder, colorful woman named Darlene Goins and her helper, Randall Weidner. Randall was wearing a lime green shirt and a spectacular necklace that screamed FUN.

Darlene was like a hundred bottles of champagne all being uncorked at once, an explosion of bubbles and sparkling light. And she was really nice -- when my cell phone died she let me use hers so I could relocate my husband and get home.
"Too Much Fun" by Sherrie Spangler.
I made this art quilt years ago, but it could've been based on Darlene.

At first I thought Randall was there to add some business-like decorum because he seemed a little more grounded with the customers, then this happened:

Palm Springs artist Randall Weidner.

Decorum flew out the window. Take a look at his web site: Like me, he's all about the color. I especially like his gallery where he does realistic subject matter but shifts the color wheel so nothing is the expected hue. And he has a quirky play on words with his collages of old Life magazine pictures. (Being a writer, I love fun with words.)

He and Darlene both exhibit at the Desert Art Center at 550 N. Canyon Drive in Palm Springs, I don't think I'll have time to get there before I have to go home, but I hope to be back next year.

Cool blues and greens balance hot desert sun
in some of Darlene's necklaces.
Darlene sold her first piece of jewelry 42 years ago on the set of Hollywood Squares. She did promotion for some of the companies whose products were featured on the show, and she started selling her creations to the production people in between tapings. (I can't even imagine her energy level 42 years ago if she still has this much now.)
A desert jewel to rival any blown glass art.
This desert bloom that I shot at the Living Desert Museum reminds me of some of Darlene's jewelry with its striking bold shape and coloring.

Darlene makes her own clay face pendants.

Randall shows some of Darlene's necklaces.
Randall's shirt is the exact color of this California fan palm that I shot at one of the palm oases that I hiked through. (I'll do a separate post on the oases later.)

A glowing fan palm at a desert palm oasis.
The beads and shirt remind me of desert greens;
the desert plant below could be a necklace
... around and 'round, life inspires art.
The desert's natural necklace.

I bought these necklaces and earrings from Darlene.
I love all of her jewelry, but the piece that spoke loudest to me was the glass corn necklace (modeled by Dave) in my favorite yellow-green. Its colors and clustering design are pretty close to the plant above. I also couldn't leave without the beautiful necklace with the big yellow beads and clay face. You just have to smile when you're wearing something like these!
As I made my fourth and final pass through their booth, we lined up for a corny suck-your-tummy-in-and-try-to-look-skinny pose. Too bad I couldn't suck my arm in. I sure hope they'll be here if I come back next year!

Me and my colorful, artistic fun new desert friends.

Have a colorful day!



Judy Ferguson said...

These are my kind of people too. Love the pictures. Wish I was there.

Carol said...

What a great post! Your matching up of photos and jewelry had me enthralled.

Ladybug said...

Love your comparisons of the jewelry with the desert plants...that jewelry is fabulous!

Argento Creations said...

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