Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Friday, March 9, 2012

Party pants, Take 2

Greetings from the desert!

Last March, if you'll remember, I tried to fly down to the Palm Springs, CA, area for six days to stay with friends and escape the Northwest rain. I was all set to wear my new desert sunshine shorts, a.k.a. "the party pants," but AlaskaAir's computers crashed that day and all flights were canceled. So I sat home in the rain and blogged about what could have been:

But this year I made it,
and I'm staying a MONTH!!!

Old Town, La Quinta, CA

I'm wearing the sunshine party pants right now with a purple t-shirt. (Thankfully I haven't gone out in public yet today.) But yesterday I wore my favorite art-show-orange dress to the La Quinta Arts Festival, and I posed with this painting that matched me:

Painter Oluf Nielsen and me in front of one of his pieces
at the La Quinta Arts Festival.

I'll do a separate post later on the art show, because it was fabulously colorful. It goes through Sunday, so I'll try to get back again tomorrow. I'm taking photos of the artists with their work and I let them know it's for my blog so I can make sure they don't object. (Putting other artists' work on your blog without their permission is a hot topic, so now I always ask first. So far no one has said no.)

I'm still working on these embroidered and beaded circles, which I started just for last year's trip. You can read about it here: I haven't touched them since last year, but I'll update you as I further embellish them while lolling in the sun with iced tea and chocolate chips.

Parting shot of little Lizzy, who belongs to the friends I'm staying with. The desert air is so dry that her hair stands on end from static electricity after we rub her.

Have a colorful day!


The Idaho Beauty said...

You know, I was just thinking about your party pants and wondering if you took them along this time! Love this post, especially your matching art with artist pic. Enjoy and don't feel guilty - it got up to 60 today here in northern Idaho and I walked without a coat and even opened some windows to air out the house!

Julia said...

Funny that your dress, your purse, and that painting all match perfectly! Hope you're having lots of sun-time down there.

Ladybug said...

Do you know just how jealous I am as I watch big blobs of wet snow fall here this morning? BUT, I know how disappointed you were last year so have a GREAT time! Enjoy that sun & get rejuvenated so that some of it can continue to show up in your beautiful quilt creations.

Carol said...

Have a great time! Hope the sun shines every day. Nothing but rain, rain, rain in North Queensland for days and a mini tornado caused havoc in some suburbs of our town early this morning.

I'm very taken with your circles and after months of doing nothing creative am inspired to try something similar .... perhaps?