Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Beading the mandala

I hope you're not getting sick of seeing this mandala project, but I finally started adding the beads! I found these orange-lined translucent drop beads in my stash and decided they were perfect for a start. They remind me of orange dew drops.

Look at how the drop beads stand up and cast nice shadows. That's exciting! (It doesn't take much.)

My friend Barb made this pottery dish. I normally use it in the kitchen, but I thought my beads deserved an artistic resting place while they're waiting their turn. I also made my annual thread order from Laura Wasilowski, who sells her fabulous hand-dyed embroidery thread at Here's what came in today's mail from Laura:

Hope this gives you a good color fix. Also, remember to enter a comment in the previous post if you want a chance to win "Getting Started With Seed Beads." I'm picking the winner on Saturday!

Have a colorful day


Nina Marie said...

ohhh the beading is fabulous! I host a link party "Off the Wall Fridays" and would like to invite you to join us anytime you have a project going that you want to share. We find it inspiring, motivational and educational.

ellen gets crafty said...

I'm enjoying watching your progress on the mandala. Your hand stitching is beautiful and the beading will add to the design.

Marti said...

I too like the shadows cast by the orange beads. And a yes to the bowl for the beads. Presentation is everything!

Margie Kraft said...

Sherrie, Just wanted to say that your work is beautiful. I have listed your blog on my own blog for a tag that I received. Hope you get some hits as a result. You are welcome to pass on if it works for you. Margie at

Carol said...

Those beads are so luscious and complement your beautiful mandala. Very inspirational!

Judy Ferguson said...

The beads, the hand dyed threads, what could be more colorful. Thanks for posting these.