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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Field trip! Shipwreck Beads

I'm making good progress on the embroidery on my mandala, but I decided I needed some new beads for it. (As if I don't already have a ton.) What better excuse for a little trip down I-5 (I hate driving on I-5) to Lacey, WA, where Shipwreck Beads has a massive store.

Here it is. All I really needed was some nice gold beads, because I truly do already have a ton in just about every color. But since I love to use gold, I'm almost out and needed more.

 But first I had to get past the pearls ...

... the chunky interesting rocks ...

... and about an acre of seed beads, findings and books.

The prices were too good to be true, so I ended up with a little more than I had planned. I got this pretty pile of seed bead hanks (above) and this string of big chunky white magnesite (below) with outstanding crackles and pits! I just googled magnesite and see that it's a strong stone for creative visualization and imagination as well as being relaxing, calming and having a soothing vibration. And it was only about $3 for a 15-inch strand!

String of magnesite beads.

This whole hank of sunflower seed beads was only $1.97 and it perfectly matches the orange in the mandala. For one Starbucks venti iced mocha I could get two hanks and have change left over. I bought a few more than two and still got an iced mocha on the way home.

Back up I-5 and safely tucked away in Gig Harbor again, I took some photos today of a sailboat race. I'm only showing you these because of the link with Shipwreck Beads ... ship, sailboat, get it? The pink sail and red kayaks were breaths of fresh air amidst all the white and grey.

Hope you enjoyed the field trip, and ...

Have a colorful day


tiedyejudy said...

OMG... what a fabulous bead store! I have a friend who makes lovely beaded jewelry who would go bonkers there! I don't use many beads in my fiber arts, but can still appreciate the colors and textures of beads... can't wait to see them on your mandala!

Lynda said...

Wow! What a store! Love your mandala. It's going to be even more beautiful with those beads. And that pic of the red kayaks and white sailboats - beautiful. Would love to be in one of those kayaks! Thanks for the inspiration this snowy Sunday morning!