Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day dip-dyed gift wrap

My crafty daughter made some gift wrap for my Mother's Day present that was so cool I have to share it. She folded a sheet of packing paper (that cheap, porous kind) into a little package and then simply dipped the corners in food coloring! She tried computer printing paper first, but said that didn't absorb the coloring enough.

Here's the tutorial she used:

It reminded me of this fabric (above and below) that I dyed with a similar folding technique in a class about 17 years ago, but I like hers a lot better.

And look at what was in the paper -- a T-shirt from Goodwill that fits perfectly and is so true.

Then my son gave me a box of gourmet chocolates (also cheaper than a therapist) with this very artistic lid:

My son is far away and couldn't be with me for Mother's Day, but here's my daughter on the phone with him. Thank goddess for camera phones that let us share photos of us as we're talking. (She's babysitting the fluffy bunny for a friend.)

Doesn't get much better than this:

I hope the rest of you moms and daughters had a wonderful Mother's day.

  Have a colorful day


Julia DesertSpring said...

I've been waiting for this post! Your dyed fabric does look like my paper! Here's the tutorial I used:

The Idaho Beauty said...

All smiles for you - a great day! Take all those gifts to heart...especially that hug.

Judy Ferguson said...

I think that we never outgrow our need to play with paper. Reminds me of those art projects in school.

Ladybug said...

That Julia - hand-dyed AND recyled gifts. Perfect, methinks! It is so obvious that you 2 adore each other - look alike, also.

Glad your day was so special. The chocolate probably did not last long... :8)