Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Friday, May 31, 2013

Blue and yellow and a jelly roll quilt

I finally got around to quilting the jelly roll top that I pieced a year ago and found a home for it in my living room.

That's the top in progress, below. The jelly roll that I made it from was all soft blues and tans -- very soothing and beachy. I threw in the dashes of orange and green because I thought it needed a little zing.

These bright yellow Scotch broom flowers are actually considered a noxious weed in Washington state, but I think they look so cheerful blanketing the roadsides.

At about the same time that I put together my little yellow and blue vignette, our neighbor Rosemary had us over to her house for Dave's birthday, and take a look at her table, below! I was thrilled and decided the stars must be in alignment. She loves to decorate tables, and that day she used some very pretty blue hand-woven placemats, cheery yellow flowers, and her buttercup china. The pie is rhubarb and it was delicious.

(Click here for an old blog post about Rosemary teaching me how to make her flaky pie crust.)

Have a colorful day

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