Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Frankie and Bunners

Frankie and Bunners' first kiss.

Big excitement at home this week. Julia adopted a new adorable rabbit, Frankie, and brought him home to live with us until she can move to a pet-friendly house. (Anyone know of one coming open in September in Bellingham? She's very quiet, clean and studious and only needs it until December, unless she gets a job in Bellingham when she graduates.)

You have to introduce bunnies carefully, because you never know when the fur will fly or too much nipping will take place. This is their first kiss.

Frankie is bigger and way fluffier than Bunners, with lop ears and a much more relaxed temperament than our ever alert Bunners. Bunners is a girl and Frankie is a boy -- could that be the difference? 

Here's the proud grandpa cuddling Frankie. He (the rabbit, not Dave) is like a big floppy stuffed animal.

Have a colorful day


Julia said...

Hi Sherrie :-) What a lovely new family member...Frankie looks a lot like my Elly and I think that Bunners and him will be good friends soon :-)
I read somewhere that bunnies with loppy ears are not as allert as those with straight ones as due to years position they do not hear sounds as sharp, so they do not react on them...and it does not depend on the gender, both mails and femails are more relaxed, but for sure it also depends a lo on the bunny's personality :-)
Hugs from me and Elly to you and your fluffy family,
Julia and Elly

tiedyejudy said...

Sweet! If I didn't have kitties I would probably want a bunny. We have lots of wild ones in the yard and neighborhood, but to hold one would be pure bliss! Hope your two come to be great friends!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Sherrie. Thanks for following my blog. I enjoyed visiting yours (your STITCH group is wonderful) and look forward to seeing your new creations.
best from Tunisia,

Julia DesertSpring said...

This is my favorite blog post, I think!

Judy Ferguson said...

I am allergic to rabbits and have never gotten to know them. They certainly are beautiful animals to look at. We have some wild ones that I see early every morning. They ate my bib lettuce. So I had to replant on a higher level. So, I paid the price to have them nearby.