Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Garden snippets scarf

I found a use for those little triangles left over from piecing the Jelly Roll 1600 quilts -- a scarf!

I couldn't bear to throw out all those triangles, even though they were little, so I decided to use them in another "solvy" scarf. The store was out of my usual Sulky Solvy water soluble stabilizer, so I tried this one by Pellon and it worked great.

Here it is as I arranged the pieces with some sparkly yarn on the stabilizer:

Here it is after I sewed a grid with Superior variegated rayon thread:

And here's the final scarf after washing out the stabilizer. It'll make a nice breezy, cool, summer garden scarf for someone. I'm donating it for sale at the Gig Harbor Comfort Quilt Project (for cancer patients) booth at this weekend's Gig Harbor Garden Tour. It'll be at Garden #7 if you're going on the tour, and we'll have other pretty things for sale. I'll be working at the booth Sunday from 1-4 if you want to meet me!

Have a colorful day


tiedyejudy said...

Nice! And good to know there are alternatives to Sulky, since I seem to have bought up all of the inventory at our local Jo-Ann's! And I'm intrigued that you used cottons... I have lots and lots of cottons! Have a wonderful event this weekend... hope you sell lots!

Judy Ferguson said...

Your scarf ideas are always of interest. I am getting more requests for donations to worthy causes around town. These would do nicely. Thanks.

Ladybug said...

OK, now throw together one of these using red, white, blue & some sort of spangles or glitter. 'Tis that season, you know... would look spectacular!!