Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Color in Paula's garden

I haven't been making many quilts this summer, but I am soaking up color inspiration now that summer has arrived in the Northwest. Today I want to invite you into my friend Paula's spectacular garden. That's her above (orange is her favorite color) with my husband under one of the trellises made by her husband.

Like I said, orange is her favorite color (mine too), and it's sprinkled liberally throughout her gardens, along with vivid pinks, glowing yellow and hydrangeas ranging from soft pink through lavender. I am totally in awe, since I'm a black-thumb gardener and can barely manage a few pots with annuals.

Besides the gorgeous blooms, her gardens are filled with trellises, decorative bird houses and other surprises at every turn. (In the spring, her yard is carpeted with thousands of daffodils.)



I don't think Jake the dog appreciates the posies, but he likes to chew on logs.

And for dessert: Homemade ice cream topped with blueberries picked right beside the bonfire.

Have a colorful day


tiedyejudy said...

What a wonderful garden! I love the beautiful blooms, especially the Hydrangeas... one of my faves! They have done a great job of creating a peaceful, beautiful haven.

Judy Ferguson said...

This place is really magical. But I do realize all the work that went into making this area so special. Just beautiful.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Oh swoon - love lilies, especially tiger lilies, but day lilies too. I've had some success growing them too, inspite of having a mostly black thumb like you!

When all else fails, do as you did - make especially nice to friends with beautiful gardens like this...

Ladybug said...

You can tell a consummate gardener by the details: carefully edged around grassy area; bus stop sign over seating arbor; large pots of plants lined up off the brick walk, waiting to go into the ground; even the potting bench has an artistic flair with the arrangement of items, colors, etc. Lucky you to be her (their?) neighbor!

I'll have some of that dessert, now...