Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Happy Birthday, Kevin!

What do you do when you didn't buy a birthday card for your far away baby brother in time to mail it? You do a blog post with photos of him over the years, and hope that he won't be embarrassed!


A Mexican restaurant for his birthday in Redondo Beach, CA.
Another favorite Mexican restaurant in SoCal.
A lot of the old photos with Kevin involved beverages:

Somewhere in San Diego after fishing with Dave.
Helping Dave pack for our move to WA.
Helping me drive on our move from Illinois to Washington.
Many Starbucks stops were involved.

A lot of photos also involved animals, which he loves.

Bunners adores him.

The animal shelter where he volunteers.
Well, they act like animals. He was always the "fun" uncle.
We grew up in Pittsburgh, but he's spent his whole adult life in San Diego and I'm very jealous:

Just hanging out on the sidewalk in his home turf of Solana Beach.
Aboard a friend's boat. Sigh.
With Julia ...

... and with me at an L.A. beach.
A typical sunset for him. Sigh again.

I blogged about him a few years ago, and you might remember him as "the Irish poet.":

Have a colorful, wonderful birthday!


Judy Ferguson said...

I am still posting pictures of my brother, although he died in 1990. He still lives in my heart and memories. Enjoy your brother, and see him as often as possible.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Nice birthday present...or at least let's hope he thinks so. ;-) Goes without saying that last picture is so beautiful it hurts!

Ladybug said...

So very fortunate you are - both of you - to have one another. The love shows...