Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Changing directions

I decided to change directions from the orderly, square quilt I was making with these blocks in the last post. I thought I'd like a horizontal quilt better, then I decided to cut some of the squares in half and use them in a border around two sides. (I didn't have enough to go all the way around, but I like this unexpected border better.)

After trying a few arrangements, like the one below, and keeping track with photos, I ended up using the one at the top of this post.

They really do match my boot vase, flowers, APWQ Show mug and the grey weather!  looked at this little still life while I had my tea and journaled this morning.

Tomorrow I'll decide on quilting before the big game.


Have a colorful day


Robbie said...

Good choice the layout! #1 pic ...but bad choice on the should be "go Broncho's"! :)

The Idaho Beauty said...

I'm glad you kept thinking on this one. To be honest, I didn't care much for where you ended in the last post. Normally I would be going for the most orderly & balance arrangement but there was something about it that really bothered me. I chalked it up to a difference in aesthetics. Cutting some blocks & creating a partial border & doing more shuffling really transformed this for the better. Either solution shown here is an improvement. Couldn't figure out why the 2nd was holding my interest until I noticed you'd offset the blocks. Don't know if I would have thought to try that but I really like the look & may have to "steal" it from you. ;-)