Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Quilting and hiking

I finished the first quilt top from this year's trip to Sedona -- a Jelly Roll 1600 with a black and white print added here and there.

I tried to find something during our local hikes that reminded me of the quilt, but the best I could do was deciding that the blues, hot oranges and greens in the quilt were close to those in Sedona. Here's a sampling of photos from a few hikes.

The landscape here may be known for its giant red (actually orange but they're called red) rocks, but it still has plenty of other scenery. Oak Creek (above) flows through the canyon, nourishing a wide variety of plants.

Above is a typical desert plant, and below is a shot from Long Canyon with the typical Sedona red rock.

On our second hike we climbed to the top of Doe Mountain, where I'm posing with Dave on the mesa. We had spectacular views from that vantage point!

Here's a desert pool on the mesa, which I'm sure is a watering spot for desert critters like the big javelina that we saw up there.

 This parting shot is from Fay Canyon, a peaceful little walk.

Have a colorful day

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You really do love color... bright and sunny and happy colors and blog!