Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Replacing grey with color

This ... 

This morning's view from our deck. That's Fox Island in the fog.

... is why I do this:

When the world outside is grey, grey, grey, day after day, it's necessary to create your own world of color. So my next appliqué block has a pink sky, a purple tree, and orange rabbits.

The pattern uses brown and beige backgrounds, but I don't do brown or beige ... or grey or black. So I'm using two pink Grunge prints as my backgrounds and really bright colors of wool for the appliqués. I'm also going to give the blocks extra motion by curving the stems and branches more than in the pattern. And maybe (probably) add some sparkle with beads.

My Woolies group chose this pattern to do a block-of-the-month project, so it'll be interesting to see everyone's different color choices. 

I also was gifted last week with this fabulous collection of embroidery thread from a friend who got it from another friend who got it from a man whose wife passed away and was cleaning out her craft room. The bins of floss didn't sell at the estate sale and were headed for Goodwill. I'll use single strands of it to whip stitch the wool pieces down.

Have a colorful day


Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Love your bright, colorful project, and I'm sure the embroidery floss will be put to good use! Went down to Mesa yesterday with Joyce - hit 4 new fabric stores... lots of color! Here's hoping you will have clear skies and sunshine soon!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Lookin' good and love the rabbits. Your bright color scheme is fabulous and I love that you are going to tweak that tree. Only a little envious of your new embroidery floss stash - wow! And what a great storage case with everything wound on cards. Now THAT part I AM a bit envious of. :-)

Robbie said...

Now I know why your blog is called "Sherrie Loves Color"! HA The embroidery threads are wonderful! And you will use them!!!