Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Music in the harbor

They come by land and by sea for the Beatniks!

An attentive concert-goer in Gig Harbor.

Every type of water craft imaginable showed up
for last night's free Beatniks concert, in addition
to the crowd on land.

Last night was the night everyone was anticipating in Gig Harbor: The free Beatniks (they sound just like the Beatles) concert downtown in the park. It's such a popular local band that the road through downtown is closed all evening to allow for people to walk down to the park with their chairs and picnic coolers and dogs and kids. There are free concerts every Tuesday evening in the harbor, but I think this is the only one that closes the road.

We got to listen from our friends' sail boat,
surrounded by paddle boarders, kayakers, rafts, yachts ...

... and dogs!

The weather couldn't have been better, and as we sailed back to the marina we watched the billowy clouds turn from white to lavender to orange. (Thank you, Sheila and Michael.)

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Paula said...

That sounds like a fun evening. I want to be the person standing on his board with an oar. Is that a surfboard or a kayak?

Sherrie Spangler said...

That's a paddle board! You stand on it and use one paddle to navigate. It looks like they're walking on water, and I've seen some with coolers, dogs, and other stuff on them. I want to try one, too.