Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Desperately seeking color

Detail of "Morning," painted cotton and nylon organza, quilted with gold thread. I made this in Gig Harbor, WA, when we had a string of sun-washed spring mornings and everything was bright and shiny.

Are there any other artists out there who have trouble making color when the world is gray?

How do you cope?

I'm so desperate for color here in the rainy Northwest that I'm diving into my photo archives to look at what I painted and quilted when I lived in the sun or when it was sunny here. I just can't seem to get moving on current work. Here are a few details.

Detail of my little heart project that was published in "Creative Quilting With Beads," pages 50-53 and back cover (ah, the good old days). I layered commercial and hand-painted cotton, silk and sheer fabrics, then machine quilted and beaded.

Detail from "Beach Houses," which I showed in full on the previous post. I painted most of the fabric with Setacolor fabric paint, and embellished with yarn and beads. The sun was pretty harsh when I took the photo outside -- not too flattering for the quilt.

Detail from "Garden Gone Wild," which I made in the frenzy of spring and summer bursting around me in Illinois. Those were the years when I scattered yarn on nearly all of my quilts and held it down with the quilting stitches.

Detail from "Heat Wave," made one summer during record scorching heat. I painted the fabric and then experimented with stamping.
Hope to hear from some of you as to how you power through the gray days.

Have a colorful one!


Julia said...,fee855,9aba4c;

Click on whatever colors you want. Click the little trash can icon to remove a color bar.

Judys Fiber Art said...

It was 70 degrees in Missouri today. A real heatwave to be followed by more ice and snow next week. Oh well, I guess I will go looking for color also.

Julaine said...

it's so "s.a.d.s." right? maybe we should take a closer look a those grays - let's see, pink with it is good, add a little black and god, white too...

The Idaho Beauty said...

I'm really struggling still and I usually don't in winter. Many days last week we were socked in with fog, so it was not that it was dark and dreary but just this claustrophobic white. I have the full spectrum Ott lights in the studio, and if I'd gone in at the beginning of the day instead of later, I think I would have been coping better. That light does seem to perk me up and anything I pull to work with looks good.

I say search your soul & your stash for some bright batiks. I have a particularly yummy orangish one laying on the table, and although I'm not using it in anything right now, just having it out gives me a lift - very tropical.

Sherrie Spangler said...

Thanks guys. Tomorrow I'm going to follow Sheila's advice and start pulling out bright fabric and make myself just jump it. Julaine -- pink does goes nicely with gray, but I'm not working with gray!

Kandi Corp. said...

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