Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I've been randomly sewing together leftover strips from my fabric baskets and other projects. It's a good way to get a color fix while warming up at the sewing machine without having to think.

While 30-some states were being pummeled this week by the blizzard, ice, wind, snow, bone-chilling temps, power outages and traffic nightmares, Gig Harbor was amazingly balmy and calm. I can gloat, because I put in my time in PA, IL, and St. Louis during many a horrid winter. I feel your pain, but I'm going to enjoy our weather while I can.

I took advantage of the unseasonable sunshine to walk through downtown Gig Harbor and take a few snapshots. Mt. Rainier towered over the trees, 40 miles away but seemingly right on top of us. Much of the winter it's invisible because of the clouds. And these rental kayaks by the public pier always catch my eye with their cheery colors.


Last but certainly not least, here's Bunners! I gathered him in my arms and took him outside to enjoy the balminess. I plopped him on a soft pile of moss in the front-porch planter and stuck a carrot in front of him. He was totally confused, so back into the house he went.

Have a colorful day!


Julia said...

I like the kayak photo! Bunners is giving you the stink eye.

Julaine said...

I'm jealous. Mocha while you were getting your color fix?